Puey Quiñones is a fashion designer of international renown. His sense of style is marked by its innovation, femininity, and timeless appeal. After a decade of leading a successful design house in Manila, he decided to relocate to Los Angeles. Armed with a love of the arts and a talent for draping, embroidery, and hand-beading, Quiñones brings his prodigious skills and experience to discerning women around the world.

Since 2015, Quiñones’ creative leadership of Cocomelody has propelled the company to the forefront of the bridal fashion industry.

Our objectives

To present well-constructed fashion pieces of the highest quality.

To help women find the clothes that suit their unique sense of style.

To generate brand awareness and profit through exclusivity and multimedia channels.

To create timeless fashion pieces that make every women feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

Our clients

Women, of all ages, who want to wear quality, finely-crafted clothes that make them feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

With versatile separates, dresses, wedding gowns, and a bespoke line, our label offers mid-to-high level pricing, making it accessible to discerning women everywhere.